Eyelash Extensions

If you’re trying to decide whether or not eyelash extensions are right for you, it’s wise to weigh the pros and cons of having lash extensions applied. Some of the perks of eyelash extensions include:

  • They look beautiful – When done correctly, eyelash extensions will make your lashes look long, full and fluttery at all times. Unlike with strips of fake eyelashes, with lash extensions, you can wake up every morning with princess lashes with no effort.
  • You don’t have to wait for them to work – You walk into your lash extension appointment with sparse, weak lashes and you walk out looking like a superstar. The instant gratification of having beautiful lashes after only one appointment is definitely appealing.
  • No more mascara – That’s right. No more smudging, flaking, running or stressing that one eye’s lashes always look better than the other. With lash extensions, mascara is a thing of the past, which will also save you the time of applying and removing product from your lashes.
  • They’re customizable – Whether you’re a natural honey or a dramatic diva, your lash extensions can be customized to fit your desired look. Talk to your technician about your lash goals, and they will tailor the length, color and curl pattern to meet your preferences.
  • They can last a long time – As time goes on, your eyelashes’ natural shed cycle will cause the extensions to fall out along with your natural lashes. This typically starts to happen a couple of weeks after the first appointment and will continue until the cycle is complete (four to ten weeks). However, you can get regular “fills,” which will keep your lashes looking lovely indefinitely.
  • The process is painless – If applied properly, you should never experience any pain with the application or wear of eyelash extensions.
  • They can withstand water – After having the last extensions applied, you will have to keep the eyes and lashes dry for 48 hours. Once that time has passed, you should be able to swim, sweat and shower with your extensions, although keeping them dry will help them last longer. – AllAboutVision